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Bobby Fernandez, Publisher

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    covering the league

Who we cover:

Brush Beetdiggers
Eaton Reds
Estes Park Bobcats
Frontier Academy Wolverines
Liberty Common Eagles
Platte Valley Broncos
Resurrection Christian Cougars
Sterling Tigers
Strasburg Indians
University Bulldogs
Valley Vikings

What you get:


For all of Patriot League fans, athletes, coaches and my new friends in Brush, Estes Park, Loveland, Fort Collins, Sterling and Strasburg, get ready, because you’re about to see a brand new, unprecedented Patriot League experience.

Whether you are a Patriot League coach or athlete, a parent of a Patriot League athlete, or you’re merely among the legions of fans this league has earned, I look forward to bringing you the absolute most comprehensive, most engaging and most informative product to ever focus on this great league.

This is a long time coming: A product that is all Patriot League, all the time.

Welcome to Patriot Playbook.

Note from the publisher

Patriot League fans, athletes and coaches:

It is my absolute pleasure to have you join me for this new adventure as we examine the Patriot League and tell the stories of all these great athletes like never before!

For those of you in towns like Kersey, Gilcrest, Eaton and Greeley, whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know during my 13 years covering this league, you can expect the same passion and dedication while I provide a level of coverage that has never been seen before with this league.

Bobby Fernandez

Bobby Fernandez | Publisher

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